East coast moods, smarts, and cups

From a blog I used to have called Otherpeoplesblogs.

For the last couple of days, Devin has been complaining about the weather in NYC. I teased him about it yesterday, but could tell that a second day of “obligatory ’82 degrees in Southern California” comments would not go over well.

All of this brings to mind one of my favorite scores of the holidays, which I am using right now in honor of Devin’s mood.

GreekcupsMy partner received one as a part of a gift basket from a client, and having never lived (or even visited) NYC, he had no idea what it meant. I, of course, flipped out. Eventually, I asked if I could have it, (always a good idea to wait a few weeks before cherry-picking someone’s gift baskets), and soon it came home with me.

I am not going to say the cup makes me feel smarter, or that the coffee tastes any better, but it does put me in a different place when I use it. All the Los Angeles sun in the world cannot compete with a blue cup. (Besides, back with I dated the CMU/Berkley professor, I said I was moving to Los Angeles so I no longer had to think.)

I am glad to see that people with some pretty big brains also have the ceramic Greek cup on their mind.


~ by Sarah Sprague on January 19, 2005.

4 Responses to “East coast moods, smarts, and cups”

  1. It’s a blue cup with a mass-produced message of servitude. What’s the big dealio? Typically I’m more than pleased should Starbuck employee’s remember to put out those little coffee ringlets so that I don’t burn my little mittens on their scorching lattes. Does a little blue cardboard and some bizarre Greek nude men really make a difference in your caffeine-riddled day? Please explain…

  2. The cardboard is thick so you never burn your hands, but allows enough heat to escape as to warm your little fingers walking down the avenue on a cold winter’s day.

  3. I love those cups. They’re on their way out I think. I rarely encounter them anymore – I get a lot of branded advertising cups.

  4. Blasphemy! The blue cups being one of the few things that made “untoasted” bagels bearable. (Imagine my shock the first time I ever ordered a bagel with cream cheese in the greater NYC area and it came untoasted. I thought it was a fluke, and then the next time I ordered one. A semi-warm bagel with cream cheese. WTF.)

    I do however hate the ads that show up on some coffee-jackets. There is a place over by Warner Brothers that does that, (I think the last time I went it was for LOTR, like there were not enough ads for that.) Same place has the ads on the parking space “blocks”.

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