Apologies to Black and Gold Tchotchkes RSS Readers

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As you may have noticed, it’s been pretty quite over here at B&GT. And then suddenly, this morning, BLAMMO! 50 posts came through your reader. Sorry!

What happened? Well, as of the end of December I’ve been posting everything over at SarahSprague.com. Finally reset the redirect from blackandgoldtchotchkes.wordpress.com to the new site, and it sent everything from SarahSprague through the reader. Again, sorry about that.

So, if you are one of the three people who have both SS.com and B&GT.com set up in your RSS reader, you only need to subscribe to one site.

Sarahsprague.tumblr.com? Yeah. I have no idea what I’m doing with that thing.

Thank you for all of your support!





Launching the 28 Days of Super Bowl Recipes…

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With Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms.


The Friday Football Foodie: Creamy Hot Hoagie Dip

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Pssstt… Everything is happening over here at the new place.

Pssssttt – The Friday Football Foodie has moved!

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Actually, it’s all moving. I just haven’t set up the redirect yet. Consider yourself on the inside of the soft launch of the new home.

The Friday Football Foodie: Spicy Roasted Vegetable Dip.


The Friday Football Foodie: Sicilian Christmas Pizza, Sfincione

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Just because you go into a game expecting to lose it doesn’t mean you are better prepared for actually losing, especially when the game could have easily swung the other direction. Not giving up the kick-off return for touchdown, not calling a shotgun run in the end zone in the final minutes of the game when only down by a field goal, not really selling the fake spike trick play on offense and then being burned twice on defense when the opposing team goes for the same bait-and-switch.

I spent the whole week preparing for the Steelers to lose to the Jets. “No way will the Jets drop three in a row,” I said to everyone who would listen. “We’re missing Heath, the offensive line is still a mess and Troy’s probably not going to play,” I pre-apologized before the game. I even pulled out my favorite late-season lie, “Better to lose late in December before the playoffs and get the loss over with now when it doesn’t matter. Remind the team what it’s like to lose so they can build on it. Plus, that way there is less pressure to win six games in a row.”

While the sting over yesterday’s loss to Jets should have been softened by the Steelers being only the second team to be ensured a playoff spot, (the first team being the New England Patriots, who received quite a scare from the Rodger-less Packers last night), all it did was remind me how little football is left and how precious our remaining time with the NFL is right now. The last two weeks of the regular season — which between a Thursday night game against the Panthers, the holidays, the Winter Classic and finishing on the road in Cleveland — will fly by in flash, and then it’s the playoffs.  So depending on when the next loss happens, we as fans may not be cheering for months, or even years depending on how the 2011 lockout shakes out. Enjoy every win like it’s the last you’re going to see for a long, long while. (Now the official motto of the NFC West.)

Sfincione: Sicilian Christmas Pizza

Sfincione first popped up on my radar ages ago when Emeril still had a decent cooking show and wasn’t a cartoon character, but I never quite nailed the recipe until recently. Traditional sfincione, not the ingredient-heavy bread Emeril pushes, is a special Sicilian pizza made for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, with a very soft crust — sfincione meaning “sponge” — with simple toppings of tomatoes, sauteed onions, olive oil, oregano and breadcrumbs, and maybe anchovies and cheese if you like, but I’ve certainly seen enough sfincione recipes that omit either one or both.

After lots of lots of research, trial and error, and watching Silician Nonnas on YouTube, the sfincione recipe I’ve had the best success with comes from L&B’s Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn, as posted by the Morris County New Jersey Daily Record.  It’s much easier to make than you think it will be — don’t be afraid of using yeast! — and despite the rising times for the dough, is easy enough to make during the early games if you plan on serving it at the afternoon or evening match-ups. (Despite having a pipe burst in my kitchen yesterday morning, I was able to clean up the mess and make a sficione with time to spare before the Steelers 1:15 PT kickoff, it’s that easy.) The lightness of the crust – even lighter than some focaccias, with the tang of tomatoes, the chewiness of the mozzarella and the crunch of the bread crumbs is a nice and inexpensive break from the usual take out pizza pie.

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The Friday Football Foodie – College Bowls of Nuts: Cocoa Bourbon Pecans and Spiced Cocoa Almonds

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Originally this week I had planned on doing a snack guide for the entire college football bowl season, but when I realized I could only make so many BYU/Utah Jello jokes I decided to fall back on lazy jabs about college football fans being nuts. (Which as we will see later in this post, they are.)

Considering there are approximately 273 bowl games, you’re going to need a snack that you can make in large batches and will keep for days. Some people are big fans of heavy holiday noshing – the carb-and-salt-loaded Chex Mix and sugary “white trash” come to mind, but I prefer items that are both filling but not too heavy this time in small doses this time of year. A small handful of nuts not only go well with beer, they are also substantial enough to make a football watching food. (A good trade off since you’re not going to spend a lot of time planning football entertainment around Christmas and New Year’s aside of the bowl games, and if you’re anything like me, going to be sick of being in the kitchen after all the holiday cookie baking.)

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of roasting pecans around here, and the holidays are a good as any to put incorporate some cocoa into your nuts. Spiced almonds have a good amount of heat without being overwhelming and bourbon brings out the smokiness in a roasted pecan. Delicious. Both of these recipes are easily doubled and tripled depending on how many guests might be traveling through your home and how many games you plan on watching.

Cocoa Bourbon Pecans and Spiced Cocoa Almonds

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Not to keep picking on Ocho’s Twitter account this week…

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Not to keep picking on Ocho’s Twitter account this week, but isn’t odd that he doesn’t follow the Twitter account of his own TOcho Show? (Twitter of course providing the very useful information of showing users which accounts are followed by users you already follow.)

The show’s account has just under four thousand followers, while OchoCinco’s personal Twitter feed is followed by nearly 1.5 million users. For the social media savvy Bengals wide receiver with his own mobile game and news app, it’s either a pretty large oversight or a snub of something not building his strat. One can only imagine Alex Blagg shaking his head at the missed opportunity for Versus by not having half of the marquee talent not re-Tweeting information about their show.

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