Friday Football Foodie: Preseason munchies

Salt, salt and salt. Must be football season.

Putting as much effort into this post as the preseason deserves, which is none.

EA Sports Presents Madden NFL Doritos and Frito-Lay Limited Edition Ballpark Nacho Fritos

Stadium Nacho Doritos: Tastes like if you made-out with the two-pack- of-Marlboros-a-day season ticket holder in section 239 after he ate some nachos. Pass.

Tailgater BBQ Doritos: Sweet, barbecue tang with just a hint of smokiness. Buy once just for the novelty, but only if they are on sale.

Ballpark Nacho Fritos: At the old Mellon Arena, you could ask the nacho stand workers to mix the salsa and the cheese together in the little dipping sections of the tray. Ballpark Nacho Fritos are a similar taste profile; mostly spicy tomato with a hint of cheese. Best out of the three Frito-Lay sports-chip offerings.

Let’s just get the season started already.

~ by Sarah Sprague on August 20, 2010.

4 Responses to “Friday Football Foodie: Preseason munchies”

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by TheStarterWife, OneForTheOtherThumb. OneForTheOtherThumb said: RT @TheStarterWife: Late in the day, because no one cares about the preseason. "Friday Football Foodie: Preseason munchies" […]

  2. Not bad. At least the connection was clear. The phone connection, I mean. Since the performance was admittedly … never mind.

  3. I once delivered a package to a Frito-Lay factory. Had to walk down a ridiculously long loading dock holding pallet after pallet of 50 lb. sacks of Nacho Cheese flavored seasoning powder. Have never looked at a Dorito the same way since.

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