What do they drink in the Cayman Islands? Mudslides!

Still cannot figure out if locals drink mudslides or not. For the most part, Cayman websites are mostly tourist oriented.

On a lark, Josh (aka Punte) from With Leather held a pool for the 18 countries who only had one athlete participating in the 2010 Winter Olympics for which country would have the highest overall finish.

My draw was Dow Travers (official Olympic page, Twitter), from the Cayman Islands who participated in the Men’s Giant Slalom.  Skier from the Caymans?  Improbable you say?  Maybe, but so is the fact that the Cayman Islands are home to the original frozen mudslide.  No really!  The Wreck Bar on Rum Point — odd since there isn’t any rum in a mudslide — is where the drink first appeared.

So for Dow Travers, currently a student at Brown where he is also a member of the school’s ski and rugby team, drink a toast to his 75th place finish out of 103 and to hopefully his appearance on the 2016 Olympic Cayman rugby team where he will no longer have to be a countryman standing alone.

Frozen Mudslide
Yields four mudslides

4-5 cups of ice
3 oz of Bailey’s Irish Creme
3 oz of Kahlua
3 oz vodka
chocolate syrup

Swirl some chocolate syrup into four cocktail glasses. Throw ice, booze and tablespoon or so more of chocolate syrup into a blender. Blend. Pour. Drink.

If you are interested in watching small country politics in action, be sure to read the comment section on Cayman News about Travers participation in the games.


~ by Sarah Sprague on February 27, 2010.

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