Yes, I know I still should do a Super Bowl post

But instead, you are getting a recipe for one of my favorite Valentine’s Day recipes, You Won’t Be Single for Long Pasta.

This was passed on to me years ago, and I think there might be a similar Rachel Ray version out there.  Basically a vodka sauce, but with a better name.  And from my experience, much better than the ballyhoo’d “Engagement Chicken” recipe women love to pass around.

My little addition to what is on the recipe card?  When you toss in the basil add about four or five slices – torn into bite sized pieces –  of the best prosciutto you can get your hands on.  Don’t add too much, or you’ll over salt the dish.

If possible, use an Orecchiette or Cencioni pasta so you can get nice little pools of the sauce in each bite.

If you happen to buy extra prosciutto, go ahead and get some crusty bread, some fresh mozzerella balls, and fresh sage for a nice starting dish.  Slice the bread into bite site pieces, and stack with pieces of prosciutto, one sage leaf, and then half of a mozzerella ball.  Broil just to melt the cheese just a touch and serve.

And this year? I’m going to try this chocolate tart recipe from the Joy of Cooking.

All together, I hope this matches Bry’s Happy Valenpies Day.


~ by Sarah Sprague on February 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Yes, I know I still should do a Super Bowl post”

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