You know who roots for San Diego?

Effing fairies.*

*Yes, I know I took those pictures in the 2006 loss to San Diego, but the only pictures I have from the 2005 trip to San Diego – which the Steelers won in the last seconds – are of Steelers fans. You know, because there are generally more of us than Charger fans when the two teams meet, no matter the location.


~ by Sarah Sprague on January 9, 2009.

5 Responses to “You know who roots for San Diego?”

  1. Hawt!

    I hope the Chargers win now

  2. Well, if her night elf Druid isn’t up to level 80 yet, she’ll have plenty of time to power-level after Sunday.

    (I hope she doesn’t have any Horde alts on Bloodhoof. My death knight is still only 66.)


  3. At least the wings are kinda cute. If you like fairy wings and all.

  4. I have no words for this…simply unexplainable.

  5. So is she trying to imply that the Chargers need a fairy in order to win? Isn’t that what Chris Chambers is for?

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