Raw Food Cleanse – Day 4

Hands down, the best day of the cleanse do far. Beans as Asians noodles, zucchini “calzones”, a peach cobbler of sorts.

Or maybe it was because I barely drank any of the juices.

And the phytoplankton shots don’t bother me any more.


~ by Sarah Sprague on June 25, 2008.

One Response to “Raw Food Cleanse – Day 4”

  1. I would have eaten everything here if TSW hadn’t stopped me from doing so. It was all quite delicious. And somehow the chef figured out how to mimic pasta without cooked pasta. I don’t know what it was, don’t want to know what it was, but it tasted excellent.

    Despite all my poo-poohing of this hippy-dippy eating trend, I actually like the food.

    Damnit. Where the hell is an Arby’s when you need it? I think my brain is starting to be less mushy and desiring Beef-N-Cheddar sandwiches less, thanks to this “healthy” crap.

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