Raw Food Cleanse – Day 2

Pictured – Kale salad with Mango Lime dressing, jicama salad, one taco (made with cabbage for a shell), and various juices.

Not pictured – The phytoplankton shot, oatmeal breakfast, two of the three “tacos”, celery with almond butter.  (Sorry, forgot to take the picture first thing in the morning.)

Highlights of Day 2 –

  • I didn’t quit.
  • Blinding headache, and I still didn’t quit.
  • Didn’t quit.
  • Oatmeal and the Green Citrus juice.
  • Tacos were good once you got past the cabbage taste.  Better when set out for a bit so they could be room temperature.
  • Didn’t quit.
  • Celery and almond butter snack.

Lowlights from Day 2 –

  • I didn’t quit.
  • Cabbage tacos.
  • The headache.
  • Wanting to stab StarterBoyfriend when he ate some chocolate ice cream.
  • Gave both kale salad and the jicama to Starterboyfriend because I wasn’t hungry. And I couldn’t face food.
  • Only drank about 1/4 of the juices.

The GI Fitness powder I’m supposed to take before bed to help with BMs scares me a bit, so I haven’t taken it yet.  Will try it tonight though.  (Just to see how it works.)


(What if it tastes bad? And then I am STUCK with that taste the rest of the night?)

And since I missed this image from Day 1, look what was in my pack for Day 3?

The Super Shot of “fresh water blue-green algae, wheat grass, ginger, lemon, chlorophyll, and cayenne pepper!!! Yummy! This time I only thought about throwing up, instead of actual gagging! And look! I’d already pounded half of the shot before I took the picture! Go me!


~ by Sarah Sprague on June 24, 2008.

One Response to “Raw Food Cleanse – Day 2”

  1. Hey! I was doing you a favor by downing that 1/4 quart of crappy Mayan Chocolate from the freezer. Less temptation.

    And the jicama and “Hail to the Kale” (oh! a raw food pun! stupendous) salads were actually pretty good.

    I continue to leave the algae/phytoplankton eating up to the lower invertebrates and my ancestors who crawled out of the ocean a few years ago. Even with the cayenne pepper, I gag at the thought. (You are braver than I, TSW.)

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