My Bracketology – Hattitude

Picks I regret –

Pitt – They had just won the Big East! MSU looked so pathetic during the Big Ten tourney! My gut wanted to go with State just because I am closer with more people that went to MSU than I am with people who attended Pitt. (Which is completely messed up considering that I was raised in Pittsburgh.) My heart said Pitt because of lifetime crushes on Darren Morningstar and Sean Miller. (See also: Xavier.) Should have stuck with my gut.

Drake – I swore I wasn’t going to fall for the Drake hype. Swore. And then a Canadian co-worker convinced me I was wrong. Last time I ever listen to a Canadian about any sport that does not involve ice, sticks, or brooms.

Clemson – I’m still mad about some guy who “borrowed” my Villanova hat after a one-night stand in 1998 (was it 1997?) and never gave it back. Remember those white hats in the ’90’s that had that curvy two-toned script that came out for every college, NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL team? It was that hat, and I loved it. (Mostly because I had received it as my parting gift from another one-night stand in 1993.) For ages after that hook-up I would get the random email or call telling me about the status of that hat. Last I heard – in 2005 – that hat was living in Denver. I used to romanticize Villanova because of that fucking hat, but this year I picked against the them. And the hat fucked me yet again.

Anyway this is where I stand in Monday Morning Punter’s Blogger/Douchebag pool –

I fully expect Kansas to crush my bracket in the next round.


~ by Sarah Sprague on March 24, 2008.

One Response to “My Bracketology – Hattitude”

  1. TSW can attest to the fact that my brackets became such a dismal mess, I threw them away after the first four games. Stupid Drake. Stupid Pitt. Stupid first-round upsets.

    Dagnabit! When does NFL season start?

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