Steelers Stick With Grass (And you thought the ProBowl was the end of football)

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The Steelers today confirmed a Post-Gazette report three days ago that they will stick with “natural grass” at Heinz Field next season.

“The majority of our players have told us that they prefer natural grass to any artificial surface,” said club president Art Rooney II in a statement today, “and grass is also the preference of our coaches and athletic staff. We also discussed this with the University of Pittsburgh officials to make sure everyone is comfortable moving forward.” – Post Gazette 2/11/08

Awesome. I hope it rains for all of the following home games: Giants, Cowboys, Colts, Chargers, Browns, Bengals, and Ravens. (We can give the Texans a pass.) Bring on the punts that stick in the mud!


~ by Sarah Sprague on February 11, 2008.

4 Responses to “Steelers Stick With Grass (And you thought the ProBowl was the end of football)”

  1. as a steelers fan…I agree, let it rain, bring on the mud.

  2. Maybe all the local high schools, middle schools, knitting clubs, and yodeling teams could use the field a few hours before kickoff, too.

  3. Tuffy – How dare you leave off the “Lovers of Turpees” from your list.

  4. No sport should ever be played on turf… Fuck turf, Over and Over. I applaud the Steelers here.

    (For the record, the “over and over” thing is hard to quit using once you start; I highly recommend it!)

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