Stand By Your Man: Week 13 – BRADY DOWN! All Hail King Romo!

Previously on Ladies…

Why is Tony so happy? He’s smiling because even if the Pats won on Monday night, he was able to outscore Brady in their head to head hottie matchup and handed the Dreamboat his first lost of the season. (Just in the nick of time, as we are just a week away from the playoffs.)

Week 13 Results

Metschick’s (De)Jesus’ Homies 117.70 Eli Manning 8.00
TheStarterWife 170.36 Ben Roethlisberger 20.66

Holly’s JimBobCooterGaveMe6 179.62 Peyton Manning 28.72
Texas Gal’s The Real (Colt)McCoy 127.94 Brett Favre .24

SA’s Woodson over Manning 152.68 Tom Brady 18.68
Andrea’s ThreatLevelMidnight 144.56 Tony Romo 27.16

Gordon Shumway’s Angelina Ate My Baby 88.06 Drew Brees 17.56
Clare’s Speckhosen 127.20 Jon Kitna 13.40

Hot QB Rankings1. SA
Tom Brady 11-1
Matt Hasselbeck 1-0

2. Andrea
Marc Bulger 1-2
Tony Romo 7-3

3. Texas Gal
Vince Young 2-1
Brett Favre 6-4

4. TheStarterWife
Ben Roethlisberger 6-6
Carson Palmer 0-1

4. GordonShumway
Drew Brees 6-7
Jake Delhomme 0-0

5. Clare
Rex Grossman 0-1
Jon Kitna 4-7
Matt Schaub 0-1

6. Metschick
Philip Rivers 3-6
Alex Smith 0-0
Eli Manning 0-4

6. Holly
Peyton Manning 3-9
David Carr 0-0
Donovan McNabb 1-0

Division 1

2. TheStarterWife 9-4-0 .692 1775.96
4. Woodson over Manning 8-5-0 .615 2048.36
5. ThreatLevelMidnight 8-5-0 .615 1830.76
8. (De)Jesus’ Homies 1-12-0 .077 1242.04

Division 2
1. Speckhosen 10-3-0 .769 1828.38
3. JimBobCooterGaveMe6 9-4-0 .692 2074.28
6. The Real (Colt)McCoy 6-7-0 .462 1651.36
7. Angelina Ate My Baby 1-12-0 .077 1299.24


~ by Sarah Sprague on December 5, 2007.

12 Responses to “Stand By Your Man: Week 13 – BRADY DOWN! All Hail King Romo!”

  1. Favre with a staggering 0.24. Sportsman of the year indeed my friends. Also, more pictures of Brady on the ground in the fetal position and less pictures of him making out with a goat please.

  2. Poor Metschick, I dont totally get the scoring, but it seems as though she is really bad at this game. Lesson learned: don’t ever believe in Eli!

  3. I almost pulled it out….I almost pulled it out….I almost pulled it out….damn TD to Jabar Gaffney. *sad panda*

  4. I dont totally get the scoring, but it seems as though she is really bad at this game. Lesson learned: don’t ever believe in Eli!

    Pam, I suuuck at this. This is my first year playing, and the computer auto-drafted Eli for me.

    The QB I chose is Philip Rivers, but the way my team’s playing, should I even bother changing the starters? I’ve broken up with my team.

  5. You cannot break up with your team? Not now! Not so close to prom!

    Do you know how hard it is to find another date to the playoffs?

  6. I’d rather go alone, than go with a team that has mistreated me so.

    (I’m lying. You know I’ll suck it up because no way will I go anywhere alone.)

  7. Back where I beong–as points leader, I can argue for nerd supremacy while still never managing to actually win.

  8. Wooohoooo! So it is confirmed: Romo > Brady

  9. Romo smiling, Brady’s ass…

    I think I’ll chalk this up as a win, thank you.

  10. Tom Brady 11-1

    The ’72 Dolphins are breaking out the Champagne this week.

  11. Mets- Philip Rivers has been a bust this year. Trust me. I drafted him in another fantasy league and he’s helped me maintain and amazing 1-11 record.

  12. Fuck that. No one is hotter than Tom Brady

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