NFL Breast Cancer Awareness Auctions – UPDATE

Previously on Ladies…
Yesterday I posted about the NFL’s lack of follow-through in their Breast Cancer Awareness auctions. The big sites like Deadspin, SportsByBrooks, Dan Shanoff, Larry Brown Sports, and MJD’s The Debriefing over at the Fanhouse picked up on the story and helped spread the word that maybe the League should do more than just throw pink on coaches and fulfill their promise to do some fund raising.

Not that we have anything to do with it, but overnight NFL Auctions has placed a few more items up for bid. (Buried on page three, but they are there.)

Take the time to check out and hopefully bid on towels, hats, and mini-helmets from Mike Holgrem, Marcus Trufant, Deion Branch, Julian Peterson, Lofa Tatupu, Patrick Kearney, and Matt Hasselbeck.

Would have been nice to have this all up when the pink ribbon campaign was up, but late is better than never. We’ll keep updating you as more items – hopefully – go up.


~ by Sarah Sprague on October 25, 2007.

10 Responses to “NFL Breast Cancer Awareness Auctions – UPDATE”

  1. :)

    That is all.

  2. Chalk one up for the boobies! Hizzah!

  3. I can still keep my travel ban active for Jacksonville, right?

  4. IN YOUR FACE, Dark Lord Gooddell!

  5. …breasts in his face? Really?

  6. Well done Ladies… Never question the awesome power of a fully operational Ladies… cause

  7. If they can put a lock of Troy Polamalu’s hair up for grabs, I’m in for at LEAST a hundred bucks…

  8. I second Nolachick’s suggestion.

  9. […] A follow-up on what NFL teams are doing for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. [Ladies…] […]

  10. See, I keep telling TheGoldfishCowgirl that good things DO go on in Blogfrica… and after midnight… thanks for proving me right!

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