Rosh Hashanah Hotties – L’shanah Tovah “For a good year”

Previously on Ladies…As we head into the High Holidays, let’s pause and take a look back at the handsome sons of Abraham who match the sweetness of apples with honey.

First, a look at a few of the hotties from the Israel Baseball League, which celebrated their inaugural season this summer and ended with a 27-12 Bet Shemesh Blue Sox winning the championship in August. It was incredibly tough going, (near strikes, the league ran out of baseballs, less-than ideal training and playing conditions), and the players should be commended for making it through the summer.

Josh Eichstein, Netanya Tigers


Dovid Green, Bet Shemesh Blue Sox (Also first ever team captain of the Yeshiva University team)

Dan Rootenberg, Netanta Tigers

Andre Sternberg, Modi’in Miracle

Scott Jarmakowicz, Bet Shemesh Blue Sox

Shlomo Lipetz, Netanta Tigers


Be sure to check out this very sweet slide show from a team manager’s blog of the season in pictures. I had hard time fitting all the hotties, (a good 85%-90% of the league was hot), so be sure to check out a few more players here.

And now Texas Gal’s BONUS hotties, all from the world of pro sports.

Brad Ausmus, baseball – Houston Astros

Shawn Green, baseball – New York Mets

Robbie Gould, football – Chicago Bears

Gabe Kapler, baseball – formerly of the Boston Red Sox
now minor leaguer manager for the Sox single-A club

Ryan Braun, baseball – Milwaukee Brewers

And the hottest man in Olympic swimming, the man so hot Texy had to post FOUR pictures of him… Lenny Krayzelburg.


~ by Sarah Sprague on September 13, 2007.

35 Responses to “Rosh Hashanah Hotties – L’shanah Tovah “For a good year””

  1. Phew, made it all the way to the comments without making a shofar joke.

  2. I involuntarily said “Holy Shit” when I saw Lenny’s package. Does that make me gay?

  3. Too…many…jokes…piling up…can’t hold out…much longer…

    Aw, such nice boys!

    I wouldn’t need to do it through a hole in a sheet!

    Baruch atah adonai elohenu mel aho-ly shit you’re cute

  4. I just involuntarily licked my computer screen…and have to come to realize that it needs dusting…

  5. TSW: Shofar, so good.

  6. Braun. You and me. Sunrise to sunset.

  7. And on the eve of his holiday, Shawn Green drives the final nail into the Braves’ coffin.


    And I’d love it if he wore a yarmulke under his hat.

  8. Lenny – holy shit!

    Gabe – call me!

  9. And four pictures of Lenny was just not enough…MERCY!

  10. Dan Rootenberg can Challah at me any time.

    (What? I’m Catholic. Give me credit that I’ve made challah.)

  11. holy knishes…i always kinda imagined krayzelburg as a slightly less hairy “one chromosome short” kinda gent

  12. I involuntarily said “Holy Shit” when I saw Lenny’s package.

    Funny, I said the same thing.

    Robbie Gould is too cute. I want to warm him up.

  13. I always thought Robbie was hot, I’m glad someone else agrees. Gabe…..I want some of that.

  14. At least one of the guys in the IBL said he wanted to find a nice Jewish girl to bring home to mother.


  15. Good thing baseball didn’t used to test for substances ahem, Kapler, cough. Love the Israeli Baseball League — that’s my brethren right there.

  16. Gabe Kapler looks like John Basedow, fitness guru.

  17. if all Jewish guys looked like this, I would actually date some…and my parents would be much much happier with me.
    I actually stayed in Beit Shemesh for 2 weeks…unfortunately, none of these guys were there yet.

  18. add sam marthinsen of the tel aviv lightning to that top list…fool’s a G!

  19. It can’t be gay for me to mention that in a couple of those shots Lenny Krayzelburg’s nipples look weird. Like he need a “bro” (“manziere!”) or something.

    O.K. Yeah. Might be a little gay.

  20. WOW!!Hotties are right! My mouth dropped!

  21. I love Ryan Braun. When he bats, he bends over to stretch his legs between just about every pitch. It’s mesmerizing, especially from behind. I can’t stop staring. Sometimes I even drool. I wish they’d show it on TV from that angle. They could have a camera that just follows around Ryan Braun’s ass – maybe picture-in-picture. I’ll shut up now.

  22. no no j…. that sounded awesome.

  23. In the third picture of Lenny K, I imagine that he’s looking down at himself and saying, “Thank you, God.”

  24. What, no Sandy Koufax?

    For shame.

    Also, does Ryan Braun get eliminated since he’s not practicing, & not technically Jewish, even. (Mother Braun is a shiksa, Catholic even.)

  25. Why did you pick these particular sexy IBL boys? Looks like you have a thing for the tigers.

  26. Stu – Maybe he’s reform or humanistic. It is still a cultural identity.

    Shiksakiller – 1) Nice name. 2) They had nice smiles. I could have posted more pics, because there were that many cuties.

  27. Out of the ones you posted, I would have a hard time picking between Scott and Josh. Scott has a sexy eyes and Josh looks like he has a great bod.

  28. Agreed. I think they are both California boys too, which is also a plus.

  29. *wipes drool off keyboard*

    I’d like to know how I can get the job as the camera gal that follows Jim Edmonds ass around the field.
    LOVE you girls!!! I’ll be back for more on a daily basis. You guys rock.

  30. […] ne trimite linkul asta, ka si kum near […]

  31. … and to make the New Year even
    sweeter, I’d like mine dipped in honey…

    … said drooling… ;)

  32. I’m rooting for that cutie Rootenberg!!

    Sooooo cute!

  33. Cutie Rootie Rocks!!!

  34. if i ever meet that andre sternbeg i will give him the modiin miracle 4 times in one night!

  35. Gabe Kapler looks like John Basedow, fitness guru.

    —that made my evening.

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