Father’s Day Aftershave – Who else is going to teach you how to keep score?

Unlike our Mother’s Day Potpourri, the last thing we wanted to do was ask our fathers who they thought was the cutest athlete.  (What if they all picked Joe Namath again? Would they arm wrestle over who got dibs?)

Dads are one of the reasons why we have sports in the first place though!  We can talk sports with our fathers, despite what Lou Piniella says, who needs hotties when you can focus on the game and share a tray of nachos with dear old dad!  So scroll down and join us as we talk baseball, football, and basketball shoes with our dads!

Happy Father’s Day, Dads!


~ by Sarah Sprague on June 17, 2007.

17 Responses to “Father’s Day Aftershave – Who else is going to teach you how to keep score?”

  1. I inherited my taste in women from my dad. He loves Erin Andrews as much as I do.

  2. This is my first Father’s Day as a father. I have spent it, thus far, flipping between F1 (Lewis Hamilton!), Golf (Jim Furyk!) and in approximately one minute, the Cubs game (Ryan Theriot!).

  3. Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers who read our board.

  4. My dad taught me how to love the Mets and hate the Dodgers, and being born in L.A., that was a tough thing. He and I will be on the phone tonight bitching about the Yankees.

    I still remember games of APBA board game baseball and fighting over who got to be the Mets.

  5. StN: you’re a Mets fan?

    Hel-lo. :)

  6. I watched NASCAR with my dad today. That’s how much I love my dad.

  7. Namath? Pshaw! That Babe Didrikson was quite the looker. & don’t get me started on Sonja Henne.

  8. Mets: yep. Both parents are NY natives (mom from Manhattan, dad from upstate), and both took it personally enough to ensure the grudge lasted over generations.

  9. @ metschick:

    Elijah Dukes thanks you.

  10. “It” being the Dodgers leaving Brooklyn.

  11. Even though my dad is not a sports fanatic, he is the one who showed me how to score a baseball and basketball game. Felt like I should point that out.

  12. TSW: how old were you when you learned? I’m thinking 8 is old enough to teach Baby Mets.

  13. Baseball? I think I learned how to score a game once I moved up from T-ball, when was is that… 2nd grade?

  14. Nice, that’s about 7. So, cool, I got 5 years to teach her some of the easier things.

  15. My father taught me how to swim two lengths of our pool without coming up for air. I think that’s pretty badass. Happy Father’s Day!

  16. Fathers teach many things moms get mad about. Rough play, catch with anything, preferably something that can be broken, sitting idle in front of a tv with a meaningless game on and finding a story line to cheer for or against (dodgers?). Camping is fun?

    Ladies – do you remember any of these dad activities? Did they leave a positive impression?

  17. CDR – I grew up thinking my family was poor because my parents only would camp. Turns out it was just the 70’s and we lived Colorado where people only believe in camping. From this, I know how to make a cake over a campfire with just an empty coffee can, a can of cake mix, and a can of soda. I can also make muffins in an emptied out orange.

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