Hot Blogger Bracket – AFC North – Round 2


*(The brackets will be shuffled to reflect correct order of match-ups next round. You try putting together 88 entries. Any complaints and we will rig the voting faster than the De La Hoya-Mayweather fight.)
Voting ends Wednesday June at 11 PST. (Or whatever time I get back from Datarock.- TSW)

~ by Sarah Sprague on June 11, 2007.

18 Responses to “Hot Blogger Bracket – AFC North – Round 2”

  1. OK Cobra, time for an upset…

  2. Seriously? A 1 vs 11 and then a 6 vs 19? How’s that work

  3. Good luck to Paul Shirley in our matchup. Thanks ahead of time to the voters for the votes.

  4. […] This is just the beginning of what Heitner hopes to be a breakthrough performance by an underrated tenth seed in the tournament. He looks to his fans and contributors to back him as he enters the 2nd round of the tournament. […]

  5. Jack Cobra with the upset! Where are the legions of voters against Paul Shirley’s hair?!

  6. I enjoy Shirley’s writing, but his unoriginal repeating of the “soccer is boring” mantra puts him in my crosshairs.

  7. Well, to be fair………soccer IS boring.

    (just kidding! The World Cup match I saw was one of the best sporting events I’ve ever been to)

  8. I know I have a tough draw but I’m not going to sit here and complain. If I was going to win, or advance, I would have to beat one of the top seeds anyways. I appreciate all the votes and the voters taking the time to vote for everyone involved.

  9. Destroy him with your venomous bite Cobra.

  10. Seriously, Paul has a problem with snakes. He didn’t get along with Mamba when he was in Laker camp.

  11. Kind of quiet around here in the AFC North. What gives?

  12. Calm before the storm….

  13. And the mudslinging begins…

    After Zach’s brutal attack ad:

    Sports Gone South has responded with a celebrity endorsement:

    It’s on!

  14. Vince McMahon just called. He announced that the #6 vs. #19 is now a SUPER BARBED WIRE CAGE DEATH MATCH STREET FIGHT. I’m pretty sure that means he’s cordoning off a section of Jerome Blvd in the Bronx.

  15. I just lurk here and all, but I think I’m gonna have to call Shenanigans on Darren. 2200 votes? If “Run Up The Score!” is right and this is indeed a no DQ street fight, then cheating should be encouraged. Otherwise, I smell a rat. Or a bot.

  16. Darren is not shenanigans. He embedded the poll on his own site, so people could vote there (which is fine as far as I know) and then yesterday he got a link on Deadspin. That’ll pretty much do it.

  17. Yeah and I still have a banner which encourages my visitors to come here and view the whole round.

    No one likes a party pooper..

    I’m still calling out Shirley!

  18. […] by surprise now. We must push forward and continue to shock the world round by round. Call us out; call shenanigans on this website for getting over 2200 votes in only a couple of days. There are no bots involved (I have no clue on how to create one, but thanks for the credit) and […]

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