Knowing Your Hot Owners – Wyc Grousbeck, Boston Celtics

(First in a series highlighting some of the hotter pro-sports team owners.  There are some gems to be found among all those pasty old white men.  Don’t worry, Mark, we’ll get to you.)

What makes Wyc Grousbeck a hottie  –

Plays drums in a classic rock band, French Lick.

A degree in history from Princeton,  JD from Michigan Law School, and MBA from Stanford Business School.  Hot, hot, hot.  

  • Successful venture capitalist. 
  • Has a cute mole.
  • While an undergrad at Princeton, was on an undefeated lightweight men’s crew team. (I coxed an undefeated lightweight’s men team at the same level in my college days, and I can say with some authority that those guys are in amazing shape.  NO FAT!)
  • Active philanthropist.

The Wyc Grousbeck sizzle factor that got him on this list –

  • That his wife and her friends went into the Celtics locker roomafter a game to get autographs while the players were still changing.  HOT!  Rumor has it that one lady got her shoulder autographed by a player.     I would like to think that if any of The Ladies… husbands/boyfriends/what-have-you owned, (or in the case of Wyc, headed up a group of owners), that we would be able to sneak into the locker room during towel time.    
  • (A man secure enough with his wife locking around a locker room, is a hot man.)
  • (Mostly it is about him having a locker room for her to walk into.  During towel time.)

~ by Sarah Sprague on February 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “Knowing Your Hot Owners – Wyc Grousbeck, Boston Celtics”

  1. Way to set an impossibly high standard, Wyc – now all the girls are going to require that their men own a basketball team and have a locker room full of be-toweled athletes.

  2. There is nothing wrong with “standards”. Didn’t “Real Genius” teach us anything?

  3. Yes, if by “anything” you mean how to slice liquid nitrogen to get free coffee, and how to take revenge on your enemies using only popcorn.

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