Hooray! Ben Wins!

Give me a day or so to take a pic. And figure out how to make it “flashing” gif.

And I am so PMS-y right now, so if I am bloated don’t laugh. (Or I will stab you in the eye!)

And the StarterBoyfriend is really unhappy… read the conversation after the jump…

StarterWife (12:39:55 PM): hey

StarterWife (12:40:03 PM): so you need to take a “photo” of me

StarterBoyfriend (12:40:04 PM): Hi.

StarterBoyfriend (12:40:06 PM): O.K.

StarterBoyfriend (12:40:08 PM): Why?

StarterWife (12:40:12 PM): Ben won

StarterBoyfriend (12:40:20 PM): Ben won what?

StarterWife (12:40:20 PM): I am going to shrink it small

StarterWife (12:40:32 PM): and then make an animated gif

StarterBoyfriend (12:40:36 PM): Oh no.

StarterBoyfriend (12:40:40 PM): Oh no way.

StarterBoyfriend (12:40:52 PM): Take a picture of me without my shirt on and send that instead.

StarterWife (12:43:02 PM): No

StarterBoyfriend (12:43:20 PM): <sigh>

StarterWife (12:43:22 PM): you said you would

StarterWife (12:43:27 PM): help

StarterBoyfriend (12:43:31 PM): Yeah, yeah, yeah.

StarterBoyfriend (12:43:37 PM): Do you know how to animate a .gif?

StarterWife (12:43:43 PM): I think so

StarterBoyfriend (12:43:47 PM): Oh great.

StarterBoyfriend (12:43:50 PM): Well.

StarterBoyfriend (12:43:56 PM): Here’s to “trying new things”…

StarterWife (12:44:03 PM): lol… you’re funny

StarterBoyfriend (12:44:05 PM): At least you didn’t say you’d shave your head.

StarterWife (12:44:09 PM): very true

StarterBoyfriend (12:44:20 PM): Well, remind me later.

StarterWife (12:45:03 PM): yes, because this is something you’re apt to forget

StarterBoyfriend (12:45:18 PM): Um.

StarterBoyfriend (12:45:23 PM): I’m already trying to.

~ by Sarah Sprague on December 5, 2006.

7 Responses to “Hooray! Ben Wins!”

  1. I’d be more pissed that my name is Starter Boyfriend, but that’s why I’m single.

  2. So what do we get if Ben wins it all?

  3. StarterBoyfriend gets them every day! He shouldn’t be pissed.

    We finally get to share his joy.

  4. JB – There is no chance in hell that he’s going to win the whole thing.

  5. He could be the dark horse if the breastesis are really spectacular.

  6. IF they’re spectacular? Good God. Bunch of Glass-Half-Empty Deadspinners, aren’t you?

  7. I believe the quote is “they are real AND spectacular”.

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